INVEST kukkakuvio

INVEST Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State

INVEST Research Flagship Centre operates under the University of Turku and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). INVEST aims at providing a new model for the welfare states that is more equal, better targeted to problem groups, more anticipatory as well as economically and socially sustainable.

Based on cutting-edge research on the conditions and mechanisms involved at different periods of development, INVEST will evaluate and develop various universal and targeted interventions to improve the efficiency of the current welfare state institutions at critical points of the early life course.

The operations of the INVEST Research Flagship Centre are funded by the Academy of Finland Flagship Programme, the host institutions and various other external research funders such as European Research Council (ERC) and U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH).


Aaltonen Katri, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ahlroth Essi, Doctoral Researcher
Alisaari Jenni, Senior Researcher
Andersson Linus, Senior Researcher
Arhippainen Simo, Doctoral Candidate
Bahamonde Norambuena Héctor, Senior Researcher
Balducci Marco, Doctoral Researcher
Bakkum Boris, Doctoral Researcher
Bolarinwa Obasanjo
Chapman Simon, Senior Researcher
Costa Ramon Ana
Davila Mercado Oliver, Doctoral Researcher
de Bel Vera, Senior Researcher
Eskelinen Niko, Doctoral Researcher
Gilbert Sonja, Postdoctoral Researcher
Haapa-alho Tomi, Doctoral Researcher
Haapanen Mari, Project Researcher
Haider Waseem, Doctoral Researcher
Hakovirta Mia, Senior Research Fellow
Hautala Helena, University Teacher
Heiskala Laura, Doctoral Researcher
Helle Samuli, Senior Researcher
Helske Jouni
Hägglund Anna, Senior Researcher
Hämäläinen Hans, Senior Researcher
Joronen Katja, Professor
Kaarakainen Meri-Tuulia
Kailaheimo-Lönnqvist Sanna, Senior Researcher
Kaittila Anniina, Senior Researcher
Kallio Johanna, Professor
Kantola Camilla, Doctoral Researcher
Karhula Aleksi, Docent
Karonen Esa, University Teacher
Kilpi-Jakonen Elina, Assistant Professor
Koivuhovi Satu, Senior Researcher
Koivula Aki, Senior Researcher
Kotimäki Sanni, Senior Researcher
Kulic Nevena
Kurppa Kimmo, Doctoral Researcher
Kwon Hye Won,Postdoctoral Researcher
Kähäri Antti, Doctoral Researcher
Laaninen Markus, Doctoral Researcher
Lehti Hannu, University Lecturer
Lindberg Matti, Senior Researcher
Lintunen Lotta
McMullin Patricia, University Lecturer
Moisio Meri, Project Researcher
Nisén Jessica, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ollonqvist Joonas
O'Neill Keith, Doctoral Researcher
Pettay Jenni, Senior Researcher
Pihlajasalo Hannu, Doctoral Researcher
Pruel Margus, Doctoral Researcher
Pöyliö Heta, Senior Researcher
Rahnu Leen, Senior Researcher
Rodríguez González Ana
Roos Sanna
Ruggera Lucia, Senior Researcher
Salin Milla, Senior Researcher
Salminen Janne, Doctoral Researcher
Salonen Laura
Sarpila Outi, Docent
Schwanitz Katrin, Senior Researcher
Seger Aleksi, Doctoral Researcher
Shikanga Sharon Masitsa, Doctoral Researcher
Tammisalo Kristiina, Doctoral Researcher
Tikkanen Jenni, Postdoctoral Researcher
Tuominen Minna, Senior Researcher
Ylikännö Minna, Docent
Åberg Erica, Senior Researcher

Child Psychiatry

Aalto Sanni, Doctoral Researcher
Arrhenius Bianca
Bin Wan Mohd Yunus Azam
Casagrande Linda, Project Worker
Chudal Roshan, Docent
Gilbert Sonja, Postdoctoral Researcher
Gissler Mika, Senior Advisor
Granlund Kati, Development Manager
Gyllenberg David, Assistant Professor
Heikkilä Elisa, Doctoral Researcher
Heikkinen Annika, Clinical Research Nurse
Heinonen Emmi, Project Worker
Hinkka-Yli-Salomäki Susanna, Doctoral Researcher
Hokkinen Jussi, Project Worker
Hurme Susanna, Project Worker
Hägg Joe, Project Worker
Imberg Tanja, Project Engineer
Joelsson Petteri
Jokinen Heini, Project Worker
Jokiranta-Olkoniemi Elina
Järviö Laura, Project Worker
Kajanoja Jani
Karjalainen Satu, Clinical Research Nurse
Khakurel Jayden, Senior Researcher
Khanal Prakash, Doctoral Researcher
Kinnunen Malin, Development Manager
Koffert Tarja
Korpilahti-Leino Tarja, University Teacher
Koskela Miina, Doctoral Student
Kronström Kim
Kurki Marjo, Senior Researcher
Kuusiniemi Sara, Project Worker
Kytönen Sanna, Project Worker
Laitinen Joonas, Project Engineer
Lamminen Kaisa
Lehti Venla, Docent
Leivonen Susanna
Lempinen Lotta, Project Researcher
Lindroos Jarna, Senior Planning Officer
Luntamo Terhi
Malm Heli, Senior Advisor
Manninen Iida, Clinical Research Nurse
Marjamäki Altti, Project Worker
Mishina Kaisa, Senior Researcher
Mori Yuko, Doctoral Student
Palmroth Johanna, Project Worker
Ringbom Ida, Doctoral Student
Ristikari Tiina
Ristkari Terja, Development Manager
Saanakorpi Kristiina, Clinical Research Nurse
Saarinen Susanna
Savonvirta Eveliina, Project Worker
Sillanmäki Lauri
Silwal Sanju, Postdoctoral Researcher
Sinokki Atte, Project Engineer
Sourander Saana, Project Worker
Ståhlberg Tiia, Clinical Lecturer
Sucksdorff Dan
Sucksdorff Minna
Suominen Auli, University Teacher
Surcel Heljä-Marja, Senior Research Fellow
Timonen-Soivio Laura, Doctoral Researcher
Toivonen Katja, Project Specialist
Toivonen Susanna, Project Worker
Uotila Jaakko, Doctoral Researcher 
Upadhyaya Subina, Postdoctoral Researcher
Vuori Miika
Vuorinen Teea, Project Worker
Zadkova Anna, Project Worker

Visiting Professors and Researchers