UTU Research Faculty of Medicine – UTU RFM

UTU Research – Faculty of Medicine or shortly RFM, gathers the principal investigators at the Faculty of Medicine.

RFM was established to promote the external and internal visibility of the experts of the Faculty and their expertise. Membership guarantees the targeted first-hand information about funding opportunities and research events. There are currently about 140 members in the RFM.

Have an impact on science policy and funding programmes

Research Faculty members can also be asked to share their views about science policy matters, and pre-review and give their important opinions during the preparation of the content of the major future EU funding programmes, like Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe.

Attend the RFM Seminar twice a year

Twice a year RFM members are invited to a seminar to learn more about recent news in the Faculty and in the University research development, including grant support services. The seminars also offer an excellent networking opportunity.

How to become an RFM member?

The Dean nominates the Research Faculty members after internal evaluation made by the Research Assessment Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. Evaluation is carried out approximately twice a year.

RFM membership application will be reviewed based on an overall evaluation of the following items:

  • Publication record: both quality and number of publications (must be significantly higher than for the title of a docent; last authorship, and high-quality publications needed)
  • Success in external funding calls (granted funding from last 2-3 years)
  • Acting as a PI and having an own, independent research group, or a significant role in a larger research group
  • Activity as a PhD supervisor (ongoing and/or completed PhD theses)
  • International networking and societal impact

Members from the Department of Clinical Medicine

Members from the Department of Nursing Science

Members from the Institute of Biomedicine

Members from the Turku PET Centre